17 Apr 2009

Assalamualaikum semua.. Aku kembali untuk entry yang seterusnya.. Well, I'll just want to make things easy.. So, I'll upload 3 posts in a row.. Not forgotten, thanx a lot to Mista El-Zaffril, Nakamura and Bee cause willing to spend your time and answering my first tag.. You guys are great.. =)

COMMENTS.. Yeah.. At last my comment is going back to normal.. Thanx to bee for letting me know about the problems to leave your comment behind.. And.. Here you go.. I've solve the problem.. Haha.. Friends out there.. Sorry for the incovenience.. Do leave your comments here.. I'm waiting for any compliments (perasannya dia ni) and criticism..

Today is the last day of my O&G posting.. Can you see the expression of the baby up there? My feeling is just exactly like that.. I'm sad.. Full of sorrow.. Haha.. Well, leaving all the handsome and gorgeous housemans out there in Taiping Hopital, what a waste.. (gatalnya minah ni.. pegi taiping nak belajar ke ape).. Frankly speaking, O&G posting was fun.. The lecturers and doctors are so sporting.. One thing that I regret, I'm not using my time in Taiping to the fullest.. Hoping that I'll do my best in my 3B O&G posting.. Gonna miss ya a lot Taiping..

Mission in search of followers
.. Well, 2 days have passed.. Yet, the progress of my mission is so slow.. Oh gosh.. What am I gonna do.. Guys.. Help me.. Any advice or tips? Huhu.. Anyway, i'm grateful for having an extra one follower compared to the other day and making the number of my followers SEVEN. Thanx Cik Wanie for becoming the 7th followers.. I love you guys.. Daaa.. Till next time.. Smile always.. =)

1 Comments Here:

hoho..oit..thx la promote cik bee kat situ.sape la ntah yerk..dr kelmarin lg budak tuu jenuh pikir caner nk leave commnets kan..xdpt2..huhu..well...btw..mission in search of folowers???well..i think u should frequently visit the others blog n always leave ur comment there...dgn cara tuuu diorng akan sentiasa lawat page fana n dr situu blog fana akan t'sebar dr satu ke satu yg len..yg asyik di satu tempat..i means explore...msuk sane sini n ikut diorang punye followers...itu akan menambahkan bilangan followers fana..try la....^_^


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