I wonder if this blog still has its regular visitors like it used to be, once upon a time. Haha. You never write a thing what, the last one would be in December, what do you expect Farhana? Heh! In just a blink of an eye, we already got passed half of January, 2018. I repeat, 2018! Haha.

And in just a few days, the number 30 will proudly jump to 31. To make it more special, 31 years old on 31st of January. Well, I bet people will get this date to get married, right people? Haha.

At the age of 31, what have I achieved? Hmmm. In term of carrier, I have been in this field nearly a year, venturing from clinical medicine into quality healthcare system is something different in total. But, what I can say, I love this newly gained experiences. It changes me a lot, personality wise, interaction with people, I became braver than before. But still a shy girl. Haha. My plan is to develop myself more in this field, to become an expertise on it. Thinking of furthering my study, but lets see how it goes.

As a daughter, there are so many wishes and so many hopes I want to achieve. But most importantly, I want to bring them for an Umrah or if Allah permits, perhaps for a Hajj. Pray for me. In shaa Allah.

And, as a woman. Hmmm. This is hard. Haha. I never thought about it in depth, more of shaping myself as a person rather than a woman. But this year, it gives a different feels. A new hope, a new wish. I may not be near perfect, I have my flaws, but I am hoping to be a better woman, a better muslimah. I want to be a woman whom he can proudly says, that I AM HIS, SHE IS MINE. Well, that still needs more polishing, still trying to be a better woman for my  future better half. You can't ask for the best and perfect person, but you can shape yourself to be a better person and to the best for that someone.


Thank you Allah for everything in my life. I am blessed. To have supportive family, great friends.


And to you, thank you, for just everything.

Good night. Happy weekend people. Assalamualaikum.