13 Apr 2009

Assalamualaikum sekali lagi buat pembaca blog ku ini.. For this post, I just wanna express my deepest gratitude for those who have been so supportive throughout the period where I was in a state of confusion.. For those who keep telling me to continue writing, really, I didn't expect that out there, there are still people who keep on reading my blog.. Thanx a lot guys..

I promise that I'll keep on writing as long as you, and you out there always stay by my side, giving your 100% support.. Dan juga selagi ada yang membacanya, biarpun hanya seorang sahaja, aku akan tetap terus menulis.. Terima kasih semua.. =)

There will be no turning back.. Aku akan jadikan blog ini semakmur yang mungkin.. Seorang bayi pun mula dengan bertatih, aku juga harus begitu.. =)

They are my greatest inspiration in whatever I do.. Thanx G8 Smart (Faizah, Ramizah, Yati, Akma, Shuhada)..

And not forgotten, my family.. Also my inspiration.. Thanx and I love you abah, emak, Angah, Uda, Abang and Faiz.. =)

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