10 Apr 2009

Assalamualaikum.. About a moment ago, I had a visit to a friend's page, I'm stunned after I saw the shoutout being posted.. Stunned for 4 seconds (someone taught me not to faint, stunned or "terasa" for more than 4 seconds - MR. LIFE SEARCHER).. Haha.. Well, I'm quite interested about the shoutout.. It's like a theory of a relationship..

NOWADAYS: MEN are taking better care of themselves + don't look as old as they are + WOMEN in their early 20s act as mature and responsible as most men do in their 30s = Age gap relationships are become so common now..

Friends out there.. What do you think? Share some thought.. As for me, personally I'm totally agreed with the theory.. Just look at Dato' Siti and Datuk K.. =)

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