21 Feb 2011

3 kali update? Huh.. Surely something is wrong with me somewhere.. "Rain rain" go away.. Please let me sleep.. Don't wanna wet my pillow.. Huhu.. Nite peeps.. Assalamualaikum..

I never want to play the games that people play
I never want to hear the things they gotta say
I've found everything I need
I never wanted anymore than I can see
I only want you to believe

If it's wrong to tell the truth
Then what am I supposed to do
When all I want to do is speak my mind (speak my mind)
If it's wrong to do what's right
I'm prepared to testify
If loving you with all my heart's a crime
Then I'm guilty

I wanna give you all the things you never had
Don't try to tell me how she treats you isn't bad
I need you back in my life
I never wanted just to be the other girl
I never wanted to live a lie

Boy I followed my heart
Followed the truth
Right from the start it led me to you
Please don't leave me this way
I'm guilty now all I have to say

- I'm Guilty -

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i follow.. follow me back

boleh x yg ni??




owh2 dis s0ng.. lamanyer xdgr..
ok trus buka youtube..

smile dear.. look! there's da sun.. =)


@mr.syazwan Hahahahahahaha.. Pollow pollow.. :p


@ch!natsu Ngee.. Suka sangat dengan Blue.. One of my fave zaman dulu2.. :)


awak nak tidur pun sempat up entri..bagus!


lagu ni bestt sgt!! i like!


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