4 Nov 2013


Really? Are we living in a lonely world? Or is it just me? I guess it's just me then. Haha. Too much drama I bet! Lol!

I've been taking sick leaves on and off this year, hence it really is dragging my period of housemanship. What to do. I need to recover first so that I'm able to get through housemanship without so much struggle and pain. But in the meantime, during this process, I may have lost the opportunity of making friends, bonding and finding someone whom I can call best friend. Hmm.

Moreover, I always find pleasure and satisfaction through social networking rather than real life, loner isn't it? Haha. Lately, my phone is quite busy. Tons of phone calls from my colleagues. I really wonder why as I've been taking sick leaves for quite sometime now, and I never met them for almost 9 to 10 months I guess, but hey, guess what, they suddenly appeared on my phone list, some of them calling in the middle of the night, in the weekend and some other time that I think will be weird to have such a phone call.

Well, I never take the phone call anyway. Why? Cause in Hospital Melaka, they are too many houseman with the name of Farhana. So, I knew it is going to be a wrong call to the wrong Farhana. As usual.

But, there are times that I really really wish that my colleagues all calling me up to ask about my health, my well being, am I okay now, am I recovering and etc. I really wish that. It's funny but it's true.

I have been told by people who work in this field longer than me, that you mostly live as an individual. People going in and out of your life, you never really get a chance to have one true best friend. Rarely she means. When you are working, people always wanted to share works, but outside working days, no one wanted to share your problems, your sadness, no one cares whether you are well and healthy or sick and dying. She said, no one cares. Still, I find it difficult to believe on that. I guess I still belief in love and friendship still exist in this world.

But, in the end, no one is asking anything. Haha. Maybe you'll get back what you give and I'm not giving enough to people I guess. My bad. Huhu.

To everyone, don't live in a lonely world like me. Find and fight for happiness. Will you? Take care. Have a great days ahead. Assalamualaikum.

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