17 Mac 2011

This Is My Rock For You

Assalamualaikum readers.. Well, today I'm going to stay up and finished some Surgery, some Medicine, some Psychiatry, some Paediatric, some Obs & Gynae, as well as some Orthopedic.. I wonder am I really "cekang", going to stay up and STUDY? Or might as well end up STIDO.. Lets see..

Aha!! But before that, as usual, if there is nothing sweet that I can leave for you people at the end of my entry, it's certainly not Cahaya Yang Riang Gembira then..

"Love is rock.. This is my rock for you.."

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? Haha.. Okay.. Just jokin'.. Here you go.. A picture for you to read and enjoy.. Not forgotten, feel free to have a taste on how sweet it is.. Yummie!! =)

As for now, for someone who are going to stay up and mug up like me, love is not just a rock.. Love is a brain, love is a heart, love is a liver, love is a pancreas, love is a stomach, love is an intestine, love is just simply everything.. Serabut bila dah banyak sangat sistem yang kena belek.. Till here.. Selamat malam, selamat bermimpi yang indah-indah, selamat menjamu susu suam sebelum tidur, dan selamat malam Malaysia.. Assalamualaikum..

FOOT NOTE : Don't you think it's scary when you are actually saying that love equals to all the organs inside your body? Hoh!! I never realize this, I'm scary eyt? Muahahaha.. *laugh scarily*

:: As a girl, don't try to be pushy and keep askin' to another half of yours, "Dude, where is my rock?" It just scares the dude away.. Haha.. Instead of askin', why don't you, yourself make the first move.. "Dude, here's your rock.. Now, I think you should know what you're going to do next.." And this, leaves the dude nowhere to run.. Muahaha.. (Okay, ini gurauan saja. Jangan buat betul-betul) ::

6 ulasan:

puteraduyong berkata...

"rock" yang itu pasti semua mahu... :)

'Muhammad Khairul Arif berkata...

haha sweet je surat tu ^^

cik chinta berkata...

hishh...nape dia x sebut camtu sama saye?? sape yg dapat nih mesti ingat sampai mati...mauuu...ehh..nk pinjam entri eh?? cambest..

♥CIK SHA♥ berkata...

doc hana!u're scary!!muahahaha..

love is everything..^_^

ch!natsu berkata...

ok sgt sweet..
tbe2 tringt crita da proposal..

Nur Farah Hani berkata...

ahahaha... nice quote about love..

terasa cam nak buat yang ayat bawah sekali.. ehehehe.. ;p