14 Mac 2011

Assalamualaikum readers.. As I have too many unsolved matters which need to be settled within this few weeks around, and I'm still insisting to update at least something or at least "a word" in my blog, so here it is.. Something short and brief.. Something that explains my current situation and scenario that is going in my life.. Keh keh keh.. *Poyo okay*

* * * * *

And now here I am.. Nah!! Not that I'm saying I'm Hillary Duff, but I'm trying to convey what I felt at this moment through her dialog..

Yep!! It's only this time that I can't smile like I used to, play along, and blogging 24 hours like I always do.. Only this time.. Coz the thing that is going on now, took almost half of my life away, no space to breathe, nowhere to run and I'm really tired of it..

So.. What am I planning to do now? Erm.. I might update occasionally, might as well not updating anything..

And so.. How about playing hide and seek, and let's see if you will even miss me.. Haha.. Do take care readers.. Have a great weekdays ahead.. Stay cute.. Assalamualaikum.. =)

NOTA : "Let's see if you will even miss me.. Like I miss you.." Hep!! Readers!! Do take note.. It's the heart that is doing all the saying in the first part of the NOTA, NOT my mouth, my jari jemari and not my mind certainly.. And.. And.. And.. The song, is just for fun okay.. No sirat-sirat.. =p

*Sembelit baca entry sendiri.. Phewww!!*

Janganlah stress sangat-sangat sampai tak boleh nak senyum.. Jom sekali sekala ketawa kejap.. After that, lets get to work.. Ngee.. :D

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heee.. just take time to settle and make your life macam biasa.. pasnih boleh berblogging balik.. ;p


ermm take it easy dik .. slow2 ok :)


Takut bila main hide n seek xterjumpa2 pulak.
Bahaya tu.

Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pengarang.

busy ke sis?
nnti xde la update psl citer korea...~huhu


bule caye ke xde sirat2 nie.. ;P
apapun take care ye.. =)


aku suka pic kedua tu....! meaningful


syu minat gak we got married..
goguma couple.hee~

akak 5th year ke skang?

UKM ke?

gudluck tau~!



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