12 Jun 2017


Salam 16 Ramadhan. It's Sunday. And so called a day to lazy around. It was hard getting up from bed especially during weekend, plus, it's public holiday and that means you'll be having one more day to lazy around. Haha. Of course, another day to whack your brain with questions, thoughts on what to cook for your iftar.

Yesterday, despite my laziness, I manage to cook curry and roti jala. It feels great when you get the chance to fill your housemates' tummy. And the 1 million question for today, again, what to cook?? Singapore fried bihoon sounds delish. *eyes roll*

Last night, after Terawih and moreh, I downloaded and watched a telemovie that I'm so in love very much. It was actually a series of 10 episodes, but then they don't produce it as series anymore. Instead, they are doing it as expansion films. Up till now, they are already airing 8 expansion films / telemovie for this particular series.

Yup yup! The title is Signed Sealed Delivered with Eric Mabius as the lead actor. Basically, it is a series about the workers in a special department in United States Postal Service. They are being called as a Dead Letter Office. Dead letter? What's that? That's where the fun of this series comes. A team of four special task force, where their job is to deliver a letter that cannot be delivered due to thousands of circumstances. For example, war, natural disaster, the recipient address got erased, the mail box got damage and etc. And don't be surprise, the letters can be from 12 years ago, 20 years ago. So it's this team job to find the sender / receiver, and safely delivered the letter to the respected party.

What I like most about this series, it teaches you a lot about life, love. So much wisdom and advice that you can get by watching this production. The Signed Sealed Delivered telemovie that I watched last night was a recent one that aired with the title HIGHER GROUND. I bet this is Signed Sealed Delivered production that I cried the most when I watched it. It relates to me so so much. Haha.

It is a story about a man who got lost in touch with someone he falls in love with in New Orleans. Then one day, they were being hit with Hurricane Katrina. This guy was being transferred to Denver. Before he departed, he wrote a letter to this girl, as he can't seems to locate her during that chaotic period. However, the letter doesn't reach the girl, instead, it reaches the Dead Letter Office as the girl's place doesn't exist anymore after being wiped out by Hurricane Katrina. She was stated as missing / presumed dead.

Fortunately, the team managed to find the man, Gabriel based on the clue given in the letter. In the letter, Gabriel confesses how he falls in love with the girl, Hattie. And he wishes to reunite with her after the chaos, so he told Hattie in the letter, that he'll wait for her at a place, a mile high, every Sunday morning, with guitar. And so he waits, wait and wait for 12 years. For Hattie to come. But, sadly, his letter didn't reach Hattie. Well, you gotta watch the rest of it to know the ending. Haha.

The story about Gabriel and Hattie is actually meant to give a lesson for our two main leads, Oliver O'Tolle and Shane McInerney. They fall in love with each other but they can't seems to confess. And a situation separates them, they missed each other, but they both didn't know what they meant to each other. Oliver thought with his action, Shane will know how he feels. While Shane wanted was just a confirmation from Oliver, Shane was confused, she can't seems to grasp how Oliver feels inside. And that, what differentiate man and woman. Haha.

Oliver is waiting for Shane. Shane is waiting for Oliver. Well, the ship cannot sails if you don't lift the anchor. There are some words that need to be spoken. You can't keep it inside assuming people will understand. And that, hits me hard. You know how you feels when you like someone, and you desperately wanna know how he feels about you. But you chose to wait instead of confessing and asking. Why? Because rejection is one thing that hurts.

Better end it here I guess. I blabber so much today. You can watch it online by clicking the link below. Or you can download it using IDM. Happy fasting. Assalamualaikum.

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