14 Ogo 2014


I seldom posted something in this blog about my favourite music, well, I'm a Korean songs fan. They got great music and I always have my ears on every of their ballad songs.

I've been a fan of VIXX since their release of Eternity, and I knew Leo and Ken of VIXX have a really strong vocals and the great materials for singing a ballad song. So, here it is. A collaboration of Leo and LYn ( a great ballad singer and she often sings for drama soundtrack) with the title BLOSSOM TEARS. The song was released on 5th of August.

And I'm now listening to this. Currently, the number 1 in my favourite list of the month. Enjoy Blossom Tears from Leo and LYn.

Good night. Take care people. Assalamualaikum.

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