22 Apr 2014


I came across this picture while browsing through the net for some beautiful wallpaper for my phone. And I find it pretty fascinating, so I decide to share this in my entry. The saying goes like this.

"Don't feel bad if someone rejects you. People usually rejects expensive things because they can't afford them."

Ouchhh!!! That is inspiring in some way but at the same time it feels harsh to read through this quote. Don't you think so?

For those who just got rejected, those who used to be rejected, those who knew how the feeling after a rejection goes (me?), then this kind of quote does give you hope, making you feel confidence again, building up your courage, making you an optimistic person that face a rejection positively. I love a few sentences in an article that I read recently, about rejection, the title is GET USED TO REJECTION. The sentences are talking about women in particular.

A woman has less direct control over new dating opportunities. Although she can improve her chances by making herself more attractive, she can't just approach men at will without being seen as crazy or desperate. She has to wait until another man (that she likes) approaches her. Though she faces fewer rejections, she also faces fewer opportunities, so the rejections she does endure have more impact.

Haha. Not something to relate with what I wanna say but I just love how it says about women and rejection. It's true.

But in the other way, the quote can hurts the feeling of those people that are labeled "CANNOT AFFORD" (me again?). It's true, we usually don't buy things that we cannot afford, those expensive things, but is there a problem with that?! I cannot have something as I know I cannot afford them, so I just let it go. If by chance and by fate the thing that I let go is meant for me, then it'll somehow get to me. But if it's not, then it's not going to. FYI, it hurts to let go something that we have our eyes on but we cannot lay our hands on. Ehem. I shoud say it, only under certain circumstances.

In other different situation, how much expensive is that thing, even if we can afford it, but if it doesn't caught your heart, I don't think you'll buy it too. Right? Same goes to a relationship, no matter how perfect the person that has fall head over heels for you, but if your heart goes to someone else who doesn't seems so great in people eyes but almost perfect for you, what doesn't click won't click. That's how I always look at relationship.

Lol! Why suddenly I get too heat up about this topic of rejection. The quote should go like this, where it benefits both sides. The one got rejected and the one who rejects.

"Don't feel bad if someone rejects you. People usually rejects things because it doesn't suits them. So people, find something that does click and it will click."

Sound way more postive ayte? Haha. Well, sorry for ranting nonsense in this post. I just feel like writing and writing. Unknowingly, this post has became this long. Again. My bad. Haha. Please accept my sincere apology. Till next time guys. Take care. Assalamualaikum.

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Dalam dunia ni kan penuh dengan persoalan yg kita sendiri tak tahu.. tapi yakin dengan kebaikan itu ada keberkatan :D


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