29 Sep 2012


It's weekend.. And I'm having my night shift today.. 10 to 10 the next day.. I feel so lazy to wake up from bed.. This week I didn't actually get my so called off day.. It's merely two days of post call, what do you expect to do after post call? Sleep of course.. I have ton of plans.. Buying this and that.. The day is getting really near..

6th of October 2012.. My convocation day..

I've plan to stay 2 days and 1 night in Kuala Lumpur with my family.. Lately been checking out about hotels around Petaling Jaya, most of the hotels are fully booked especially those near University of Malaya.. Currently I'm stuck thinking of where should I stay..

Although it is one of the biggest day in my life, I don't actually feel excited and looking forward to it.. Thinking about that day where there will be thousands of people around make me sick.. I'm just a home-person who love to be around with family but not the society.. Haha.. Too bad..

Only one thing that I really look forward into, is meeting my old friends.. How much I miss them..I guess there'll be lot of gossips to share on that day.. Weee.. =)

Till here then.. Take care.. Assalamualaikum.. 

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Amik master...jadi specialist. Masyuk.


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