25 Jan 2012

Assalamualaikum dear readers.. It's been so long since I last wrote a piece of my mind in this lovey doveyland.. The feeling now is like a stranger who has not know what a dashboard really looks like.. LOL!

Actually, I am now starting to slowly make some changes in my life.. I change what I used to like, what I used to do, what I used to love and everything that I used to.. I realize I'm no more a little girl and I've wasted lots of my time on something that are not supposed to.. Whenever you're reaching another stage in your life, you'll automatically look back and figure out what you've done, what you've achieve all along.. And me? Hurm.. Nah! Just forget it..

During this 36 months of my life as a blogger, I've babbled about lots and lots of things.. About me, my studies, my surroundings and almost everything.. But lately, I realized that I started to keep it low and distanced myself to certain things, certain people and certain situation..

For the past 1 year, I've been through a lot.. No "ups" in my life, almost everything is going "down" to the drain.. Only my family and a few closest friends are with me during this tough time.. I never blogged about this like I used to do, perhaps this is one of the changes that I wanna make in my life.. 

You know something? As I look back, I realize I have to start and sacrifice all that I love, so that I could clear my path and make it to the destination.. Things are really hard and difficult, but Allah knows best.. I'm glad I've been given chances in life so that I can stand up again after I stumbled upon bumps, bumps and more bumps in my journey.. Thank you Allah.. =)

And for my family and my closest friends, thank you for all this time, for all the supports, I owe that.. And for all that I've sacrificed, I feel really sorry and sad about letting go.. If I'm wrong, I'm sorry.. :'(

Till we meet again someday.. Take care dear readers.. Goodbye.. Assalamualaikum..

True.. A smile can hide your pain  and sorrow.. But, someday that smile will definitely swept away the pain.. =)

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