24 Okt 2014



Syukur Alhamdulillah for another new day. As I kept mentioning in my previous posts, I am embarking on a weight loss journey since mid September where I started eating accordingly and exercising. Why I said "eating accordingly"? Haha. Well, it's difficult to eat clean, I mean totally clean, so I'm still eating like how I used to eat but in a very controlled manner so that I don't go overboard in eating. Haha. I still took rice, bread but wholegrain, I eat nasi lemak as usual, roti canai half of what I used to eat and etc. As long as the calorie is within the limits, and the carbohydrate, protein and fat ratio is normal. That's it.

My first cycle had finished. 28 days. Then I had 4 days of cheating day, basically trying to "reboot" my metabolism for the second cycle of my weight loss journey. It is not easy, you need to be strong physically and mentally. I had the thought of giving up, well, because I'm tired to be in controlled. Cover in sweats every evening with muscle soreness and joint ache, I had thought of giving up like many times. But, luckily I endure it.

And what builds more confidence in me is the result of my weigh in. I was shocked myself. In 28 days, I had lost 7 kilos, and 2 or 3 inches smaller here and there. I was in awe. But I told myself that this is just the beginning. According to other people experience, the bigger you are, the easier you lost your pounds at the beginning. But as you become lighter, less and less pounds will be shed and there are some people who hit plateau. They eat accordingly, they exercise but still the scale won't budge. Well, don't just count on the scale, take a measuring tape and record your inches too. It'll surely give you a difference.

At the end of the day, it's not the weight and number that matters. It's how you look and feel about yourself. And that is 100% true.

Never give up. Find your strength and hold on to it. Have a great days ahead people. Take care. Assalamualaikum.

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