8 Feb 2009

Assalamualaikum semua.. Post kali ini aku akan share pieces of memories ketika aku posting pediatrik di Taiping.
On 22nd of December 2008.. My group officially started our paediatric posting in Taiping.. It took about 2 months and finally is going to end on 20th February 2009.. For about 2 months in paediatric department, a lot of things I had learned.. From history taking, then physical examination, and not forgotten building rapport with the parents and child..

Not like adult medicine, in paediatric, students learn to be opportunistic. My personal view, paediatric is fun but it just doesn't suits me.. Children love to be with me for your information.. Dr. Norizan from USM said, that I have "the look of a mum". (Actually she means, coz you're big then that's why you look like ala-ala emak) Hahaha..

Enough talking about those education things.. I just want to share with you the memories in Taiping. On the 3rd week of posting, we got the chance to visit Tadika Semangat Maju. It is a school especially for those intellectually handicapped kids.. Age of student are around 4-4o.. I'm so glad to have a chance to meet this special people. They taught me a lot about life. Thanks Miss Jagjit for the tour..

In Hospital Taiping, we have our bedside teaching with Dr. Siti Aisyah, Dr. Saiful Rijal and Dr. Cheong. Thanks doctor for all your knowledge that you share with us. Sorry if sometimes we were too lazy to attend some of the classes.. Hahaha..

As for tempat makan, I used to eat Pelita's nasi goreng ayam.. So bored.. Then, I tried Selera Malam Heritage. Not bad though. This restaurant is in Taiping Central, just besides Kenny Rogers. Before going back to Ipoh, me and my friends went to Kuala Sepetang to have a taste on Mee Udang Mak Teh. What I can said is there is "mee di sebalik udang". (patut la keluar Majalah 3, ramainya orang tak terkata, kene tunggu sejam untuk makan) Haha.. The udang are about 11 ekor.. Jenuh aku mengopek. Berpeluh-peluh. Hahaha..

Lastly, I just want to mengadu nasib. Our house is in Asam Kumbang. Gosh.. It is not a house and is not meant for human.. Apalah nasib posting O&G lepas ni.. A month in Taiping.. Arrgghhh..
Aku harap melalui post kali ini, aku dapat kongsi sesuatu yang berharga. Wasalam.

Yana with huzaimi.. Miss huzaimi a lot.. Nanti kita jumpa lagi ye..

Yati: Mari kemari.. Jangan dekat jangan dekat..

Kanak-kanak yang sangat istimewa bagi aku.

Bengkel khas untuk mereka yang sudah tamat pelajaran. They are good in kraftangan.

Sekolah ini ada bas sendiri. Heehee..

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