9 Feb 2009

Assalamualaikum.. Selamat malam untuk kamu, kamu dan kamu.. Post kali ini aku nak berkongsi tentang rasa hati aku dan Siti Nor Faizah Fuad (budak di dalam gambar atas sekali yang belum mencapai kematangan umur lagi).. Haha..

Lihatlah diriku di atas.. Agak montel. Bukan agak.. Tapi sangat montel.. Haha.. I started to gain weight at the age of 16. I wonder why it happened at this age. I can't figure out a better explanation. But lets just forget about it. I don't eat a lot usually, but I am very lazy to exercise.. But hello.. I love dancing guys.. Is that not a type of exercise? Gosh.. I began taking a lot of "ubat kurus" since I was 20. The medication did work. But then I can't stand the side effect.. Toilet has become my faithful companion.. Haha..

Now, I feel that nothing is going to work. I give up on my mission to have a body like Beyonce Knowles. Haha.. Nothing is able to stimulate me to reduce my weight. I just feel that I can't. I just know one very important fact, that as long as I am like this, I am not going to have a "lover" like everyone do. Men out there, please don't tell me that "look is not important, the inner-side of you that matter". That was just a piece of words from an ancient love story. Haha..

Siti Nor Faizah.. You always told me, "Neng, tolonglah kuruskan badan sikit, nanti banyak penyakit." Babe.. Thanks for your advice. It's not that I don't want to have a healthy life, a fit body, it is just that I don't have the motivation. I don't know how to start and why must I start to reduce weight. Girl, you know right that deep down in me, I really look upon to wear those M size clothes, a kebaya, clothes that are up-to date.. But..

What I can say, I will try. Even though I failed, I'm going to continue trying. I am not going to surrender. But don't ask me how long it will take. Haha.. Yeh mera vadaa.. =)

(P/S: Untuk Syarifatul Nadiah.. Kalau saya boleh dermakan lemak, bukan kata seketul, seratus ketul pun saya sanggup bagi. Haha.. Apa pun, good luck untuk misi menaikkan berat badan.)

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first skali..
woi,kate ak xcpai kematangan umo??kuang asm hg!!siap nnt!!=p

hmmm..once again..da same ques i would like 2 ask u..bile mau krus kn bdn??aha..

from da piece of words of urs..

"why must I start to reduce weight. "
u have answred da ques ur self..
1.have a body like Beyonce Knowles
2.wear those M size clothes, a kebaya, clothes that are up-to date..

hehe..i hve a point there..n i knw u oso hve ur point against me..forever!!=p


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