3 Dis 2014


It's 5 in the morning. And it's raining outside. Feels so cold. Well, not just outside, but in the "inside" too. Literally, if you know what I mean. While waiting for the Subuh prayer, I might as well write something in my precious blog.

This cold weather kind of reminds me about someone and about a song. Have you heard of the song Love Me Tender from Elvis Presley? Well, truth be told, I never ever, even once, listen to any of Elvis Presley's song. I do listen to classics, like Neil Sedaka - You Mean Everything To Me, Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody and etc. But Elvis, not really.

Well, back to the story, I have never encounter any situation, not since my matriculation days, where I got people telling me that since they knew me they have been listening to that one particular song. It's like a song specially dedicated to that moment or person. Love Me Tender, that was the song. I listen to that a few times, well I sure get a mix feeling  after I listen to that. It will be a lie if I said that I'm not touched. But, it is just too complicated to describe with words.

And this song strike my mind. It's one of my favorite Korean ballad song from Noel - Things That I Couldn't Say. There are a few lines of the lyrics that kinda remind me of what I wrote back to that person that day. You knew all about me through my blog, but I never know anything about you. I never get an answer even when I asked. So where is all the point of getting to know each other. Right? I know it sounded too cruel but I just never know how to react. Hmm. I'm bad huh? Maybe the person will not be reading this, but wherever that person is, I hope happiness will always accompany him. 

Good day people. Have a great Wednesday. Take care. Assalamualaikum.

"Meet someone good and smile.
Live, as you receive even more love.
Forget about how I couldn't treat you well and my pitiful memories.
The memories of the hard days, memories of the happy days.
Thank you and I’m sorry."

HEART SPEAKS : I guess I could dedicate this song to myself too. Find someone good, and be happy. Hmm. I guess it is.

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