19 Dis 2014


It's nearly 2 in the morning. Can't really sleep by the way. My mind is flooded with so much thought and worries. At the same time, I'm kind of feeling excited about this.

Yesterday evening, Tuesday evening, I received a call that I've been waiting since last November. A job that I've always dream of. Basically, still in the medical field though. Well, even though it was just a call arranged for an interview, but somehow I'm feeling hopeful. 

Going through the darkest and narrowest route in my life, problems keep knocking on my door ever since I made "that" decision 10 months ago. I drag everybody down into my problematic life, especially those near me, family and best friends. I always feel ashamed, the burden is too heavy that there are times that I thought I cannot go on anymore. But, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I'm going to prepare myself for next week as if I'm preparing for a war. I must grab this once in a lifetime chance. 

During this tough times, I do have the thought that I've wasting my time all this while. But when I think back, it is true what people said, what we have gone through, what we experienced, are truly precious. It makes us who we are, and who we will become in the future. So never regret of the decision that we made, the time will come when it will be right. You'll tell yourself, this is the time.

And I hope, that this is my time. My calling.

And for the people out there who are struggling at the moment, just squeeze through, the time for you will come eventually. Remember that Allah knows best.

Good night. Assalamualaikum.

P/S : It's been a while since last I spotted a regular reader here in my home. For the regular reader from Saudi Arabia, happy reading. And thank you for visiting Cahaya Yang Riang Gembira.

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MasyaAllah, this post really touched my heart especially the last part (obviously not d p/s part hihi). I always believe that whatever happened in our life must be a reasons behind it. May Allah leads us to the right path and good luck my friend. I always pray the best for you :)


@farhana Thanx a lot babe. For everytime you leave a comfort words for me here. Appreciate it much. Hoping we will get what's best for us. Fighting! :)


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