15 Apr 2016


Ouh. Been busy. Busy ke? Haha. Life is too plain now, too empty, wanted to start something somewhere, some point in life, but don't know how. Haha. Have you ever had that kind of feeling? It's kind of difficult to describe though. Whatever, lets put that aside.

I've been joining (kind of) a page in Facebook, a community sounds better, Cari Jodoh Malaysia. Ops!! For the record, I'm not getting married, yet! Not in these few years I guess. (There goes my twenties!!! Hahaha.) Joining it just for the sake of "getting to know new friends"? Is that a good enough reason? Haha.

I have read tons of profiles in that page, men searching for their future other halves, and almost 70% of the profile will state that they want someone "KURUS" as their future wife. Ouch!! That hurts man. I'm still in the middle of my losing weight journey and seems like I'm stuck, static on the number. Haha.

People always look at appearance first. Believe it or not, the situation is still as such nowadays. Okay, maybe not everyone, but mostly, maybe, yeah! I'm still battling with my weight. Still in my weight loss process. My aim is to look presentable on my sister's wedding. And it's a month from now. Wish me luck.

And one more thing, never ridicule other people efforts to lose weight. Everyone journey is different. Some people lose weight fast, some people hit plateau a lot, but hey, giving moral supports don't require money, ayte?

Take care guys. Happy days. Esok Melaka cuti!!! Haha. Assalamualaikum.

HEART SPEAKS : Jangan takut gendut. Haha. Tapi apa pun, cubalah untuk pastikan diri kita sentiasa sihat, jangan sakit sebab masalah kegemukan. Aku pun tengah fight. Walaupun ada turun naik, aku akan terus fight sampai aku sihat dan boleh lompat-lompat.

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