6 Ogo 2011

Enter And Exit

1 pagi..

Tahu tak?

Yep! Really funny how it works.. But it DID works in such a way..

Nampak sangat pesen pemalas dah datang.. Nak menulis pun punyalah liat.. Nowadays, I prefer pictures to do all the talking and let me keep in silence.. I believe pictures are way too great in expressing what I can't really express through my own words.. I'm tired of writing.. I'm too tired for everything..

Happy weekends people.. Take care.. Happy fasting.. Assalamualaikum..

HEART SPEAKS : Can't speak.. The heart is disorientated..

2 ulasan:

mr.syazwan berkata...

tu la sekarang jd mcm tu je kan

da nampak perbezaan kamu daa

we want ur own words!!


cikpepel berkata...

mana cahaya yang riang gembira ni