16 Jan 2017


I was browsing through my old entries, looking for photos, than I came across a story I used to wrote. Well, I love to write stories back then. Even created a blog for that, but it was abandoned halfway through. I got so busy and I decided not to continue on my novel writing project anymore. Really sorry for those who keep asking when will I continue with my novel project. I am embarrassed myself looking at the title that I had given. Hahaha. Younger me, why you are so cheesy and so predicatable. Lol.

Going back to our main point, I saw this story that I wrote, there is tons of pictures in there. Yeah, all the pictures attached here. And then I saw the comment, "your" comment to be specific. You said, "aku suka gambar-gambar dalam entry ni". Haha. Me too!! That's why I put those pictures inside my entry.

I miss our conversation, to be honest. I watched Jealousy Incarnate a few days back, and the main female lead said, even one sided love have a starting and an ending. Heh. Forget it. Happy weekend. Enjoy the pictures. Not mine by the way, credit to original uploader, I simply borrowed it from Mr. Google.


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