26 Ogo 2012


That moment.. The most awkward moment in my life.. When one of the patient in labor that you attended, is actually your ex-school mate!! And she is going to deliver any time soon with a husband anxiously waiting outside..

And and and.. On the other hand, here you are, busy working 24 hours.. Working, go back and sleep, then going back to work again.. When life only revolves around working, working and just working..

Have a great weekdays ahead peeps.. Assalamualaikum..

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I don't feel awkward if that person is someone i used to know :)


@kyuubi It's awkward because dia dah kahwin dan dah nak ada anak pun, tapi saya ni, sibuk kerja siang malam. Hari-hari cuma kerja bangun dan tidur. Huhu.


I saw through your mind. Hehe~
Rasa seronok kalau penat-penat kerja,balik rumah ada suami yang setia menunggu, peluk dan dengar celoteh kita.


yang pentingggg...enjoyyy! =)


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