11 Sep 2011

For how long actually I've been keeping this inside..
I feel like letting out..
I feel like burning every piece of feeling that I let out..
I feel like freeing myself..
Feeling free from a waiting, from a longing..

* * * * *

There is this one time in life, when I strongly believe "that something" is worth having, so I decide to wait.. As people always said, something worth having is something worth waiting for..

And the days pass by with the eager of waiting.. Waiting, sesuatu yang kita tahu kita sayangkannya.. But there are days when I feel like I'm waiting for something that isn't going to happen.. Part of you believe, it will happen.. And the other part keep reminding you, what is not meant to be, will not meant to be..

And it reaches a time when I'm confuse.. I pray to Allah, praying for a peace of heart.. And here I am now, saying to myself that I'm done waiting.. And I leave everything in HIS hand..

And I guess I won't be around waiting anymore.. Hey! It's an empty seat.. I guess that seat will be occupied by another person.. I let it go so that other can seat and wait.. Waiting for something they believe worth having and worth waiting for..

You know..
Love.. Cannot always be measured by how long you wait..
It's about how well you understand WHY YOU ARE WAITING..

* * * * *



:: Jauh sudut hati, ada rasa sayang.. Yakin aku tentang itu.. ::

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