27 Nov 2015


Can't believe, in a blink of eye, we are leaving November in just a few days. After that, we are going to December and after a month, say goodbye to 2015. What a painful and struggling year, but I tried doing anything within my reach to make it less difficult. Hoping for a much better year in 2016. By the way, already lost 9 kilos since Jom Kurus, the journey is still far, but I'm glad I'm doing it slow and steady, enjoying each and every moment. Million thanks to my coach @ my little brother. He did good in coaching me, for a 16 years old boy. Haha.

Hmm. A lot has been happening lately. Happy occasion should I say. A few weeks back, our house got a not so surprise visit. Well, elderly called it "merisik". During that session, that they decided for an engagement ceremony to be held next week. Wow. So fast. Haha.

During this period of time, I got mixed feelings. A feeling of an eldest child in the family, who happen to be a girl, and 28 years old. Haha. First of all, of course I'm happy for my little sister, she finally met someone who makes her happy. And for me, I got a so called "gift", because they still believe in that tradition - "langkah bendul". Well, thankful for the gift by the way.

Everyone is busy preparing for next week. Nothing much to help. At the same time, watching my sister, my mom, my aunt preparing for the engagement, it stirs something inside me. Feeling a little bit lonely, left out. I know it's shaytan whispering in my ears. Those devilish whisper reminded me of my wish to get married at 25, 26. But here I am, 28 and single. Haha.

And what I'm able to do is just liking someone in silence. Hey!! Not a coward, just shy, and fear of getting rejection. I can't even asking for that person new phone number after a few failed SMSs. I still remember how thick faced I was when I asked for that person phone number for the first time. It was 2010. Well, kind of using the reason of inviting that person for an iftar session with bloggers. It was through Yahoo Messenger. At that time, that person was going for his field work for 2 weeks. So, I simply asked for the number. But to my surprise, that person refused. Instead, that person asked for my number. The funny story was, after a few days, that someone buzz me through YM, telling me that some nyonya was replying to the messages that were sent. Apparently, that person was getting the wrong number. I laughed real hard that day. But, it was the starting point of our friendship.

After 5 years, that brave girl kind of becoming timid. I wonder at what point it went wrong. Haha. Well, then I told myself, don't be sad, never feel lonely and left out, cause Allah is always there. We, human, can plan all we want. But Allah is the best of planners. HE knows what's best for us. For now, I should just enjoying the happy occasion with my family. And I'll pray for my sister happiness, and may Allah smooth her journey of building a family.

And for that person mention above, today is 27th of November. And it's your birthday. Ouh. And your apple too. Haha. I'm wishing the best for the life ahead of you, May Allah bless you during each step in your life, giving the best of health, and that you may succeed in what ever you do, of course not to be forgotten, always be happy, and smile. Happy born day to you Mr. AD. Take care.


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life is not easy..btw..congrates..9kilos...mmg kena usaha kuat kan...


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