9 Jun 2012


Happy weekend and hello to dear readers.. Time flies like really fast huh.. And today is 9th June 2012.. Here we are now in the middle of the year 2012..

What I've been doing for the past few days? Nothing much.. Wasting time on movies, novels, and not forgotten eating plus sleeping.. A 'good way' to build up your body.. Heh! And these few days too I've been 'suffering' from a condition.. I can't really sleep well.. The condition makes me feel uncomfortable and I easily get irritated.. Uarrgghhh!!!

Almost every year, there is this period of time where I'll be experiencing the same condition.. And I know once that happens, it means that the weather is damn hot.. I mean like real hot where you actually wake up from sleep and realize that your shirt, your bed sheet are all getting wet because you are sweating like hell.. And this is the time..

I've been relying on medication for 4 days including today.. I'm really frustrated because the drug shows no improvement at all.. Maybe the dose is not effective for me anymore.. Loratadine 10mg once a day.. Thought of prescribing myself with other type of drugs that are available in the kitchen.. Haha..


But wait! What is it actually that I've been experiencing? It is called as CHOLINERGIC URTICARIA.. A condition where you get generalized body itchiness precipitated by sweating.. You are actually allergic to your own sweat.. And that is me.. Plus, I've this condition called atopy since small, so it just makes thing worst.. Huhu.. I'm praying that Malacca will rain soon.. Or else I will end up in a clinic taking an injection for this.. 

Well, I'm signing off.. It took me almost an hour to finish this short entry just because I kept scratching all over since I started off with the first word.. Haha.. Till here.. Have a great day ahead.. Take care.. Assalamualaikum..

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Kahwin le, boleh suh laki garukan. miahahaha~

Moisturizer tak berkesan kurang gatal?


Satu rumah kena. Dah suspect dah, mesti sebab panas. Apa ya ubatnya?


@Adziim Haha. Kalau kahwin nanti timbul gatal lain pulak. So baik settlekan gatal ni dulu. Hahaha. :p

Tak pakai moisturizer, tepek kain basah je. Memang kurang sikitlah. Sebab tak nak bagi kulit berpeluh aje.


@farhana Selalu kalau pergi klinik, doktor akan bagi ubat untuk gatal. Some tablets antihistamine. Dan some cream. Macam dulu saya kena, doktor bagi topical steroid cream. Tapi takkanlah hari-hari nak makan ubat aje kan. Huhu. Pening pening!


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