22 Jun 2016

If I just stay here
while the sun sets
If your frozen heart
could see me in the dark
If I’m still feeling blue
as you sometimes do
Would you say to me
that I was in your heart all along
If you find me here someday

I always was a dreamer
Wished for a rose in December
If you remember my voice
my promise
I will sing with a bluebird
kiss the rain the bird
If you’re coming closer
like a mellow dream

A little little bit of love
in my seventeen so sweet
A little little bit of tears
in my lonely heart
once again longing for a breeze
for a rose and kisses
for a little bit of you

When you appear in my own dream
in the twilight
Please tell me of your eyes
of your lies
When you appear in my dream

Come find me down
in the deep blue sea
Come figure me out
in this sweet melody of the rain
If you want me for real

If a little little bit of love is waiting for
Why don’t you come a little closer here
if you’re ready for
In my heart now I see a girl
dancing all day in the rain
singing for a fallen star

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